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A lot has changed since the pandemic began – our relationship to, and use of, the outdoor spaces around us among these changes.  Are there sights on your street that you’ve never noticed before?  A new memorial on your corner?  An inspirational poster in a neighbor’s window?  An event being hosted outdoors to allow for social distancing?  The Museum is making an effort to collect examples of these community memorials from neighborhoods across the city, with the intent of getting an understanding of the issues, emotions, and causes which are at the heart of our communities. 

If you would like to submit photos from your neighborhood, please contact us.


In November of 2020, Field Museum Photographer John Weinstein and Pandemic Collection Co-Lead, Alaka Wali, spent the day documenting the various murals which color the streets of Little Village.  What they found not only drew the eye, but also spoke to how the city's street artists had responded to the pandemic and social contexts of this past year.  Many of these murals spread messages of encouragement or inspiration.  Many also convey religious, public health, or political messages.  Artist details have been noted whenever they are known.  (ALL photos taken by John Weinstein for Field Museum).

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