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We invite you to work with the Museum on this new collection project: 

  • To discuss the kinds of objects and materials you might like to place in the Field Museum’s collections.

  • To reflect on objects and materials that have been meaningful to you during this time.

  • To share your experience of this historical moment.

  • To help us connect with others who have contributions to make to this project. 

  • To feature your organization’s pandemic-related collection or archive through our collaborators’ page. (Please include a link and brief description in the contact form to the right.)

We hope to collect and document: 

  • Objects used, made, or modified by participants, such as objects of everyday use, art, special clothing, ritual items, musical instruments or novel forms of entertainment, modified equipment, and more. We would not collect general commodities, for instance generic face masks, but would be interested in masks made or enhanced by participants.

  • Visual, audio, and other media accounts that are themselves responses to the current moment.

  • Related stories, oral accounts, photos, videos, and audio that provide context and explanation. 

If you have any questions, email us at

or fill out this form!

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