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Breonna Taylor

Melissa Blount is a licensed clinical psychologist, writer, and artist who creates textile pieces that explore the notions of trauma, white supremacy and violence against Black cis and transgender women. Through community sewing circles, she cultivates unique opportunities for people to bear witness to the unjust and violent loss of life in communities of color.  Melissa’s embroidered tribute to Breonna joins a collective creative movement that drew on the popularity of the W.A.P. acronym from Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion’s body and sex-positive eponymous song (August 2020) to expand the acronym’s meaning to: What About Prosecuting the cops who killed Breonna Taylor?

"I just get so sad when I think about her life, I mean, it’s just….you know, [...] the lack of care. It’s like people find a way to normalize or justify when Black people are killed by the police." 


 "In honor of Breonna, since she worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and hoped to become a nurse, my dream is to use this piece to help establish a scholarship for Black women who want to pursue careers in health professions, perhaps at a college in Kentucky" - Melissa Blount


012921AC_MB_handstitching WAP What About Prosecuting the cops who killed Breonna Taylor_Im

(Courtesy of Melissa Blount)

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