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Thank You Essential Workers

by Andrea Martinez

During the height of the pandemic, Andrea Martinez found herself furloughed from her position as Aquatics Director at the YMCA.  Surrounded by family and friends who were all either going to work or working from home, she began to feel a sense of stagnation. She felt like she wasn't doing her part even, knowing that staying home was a crucial contribution to public health. This banner arose out of her desire to keep busy and make use of her newfound time, as well as her desire to show her gratitude for those who were unable to stay home.  She noted that while her home has long been a place for popups and displays (such as flags for the world cup and extravagant decor for her COVID era outdoor wedding ceremony)  this banner, which was displayed outside her home, was part of a growing sense of community that she found through her re-commitment to her front porch and yard area during the pandemic.   Both the banner and extra fabric swatches were accessioned and are a part of Field Museum collections, #T2020.17.1 (Banner) and #T2020.17.1.2-8 (Fabric Swatches).

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